Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Emoji….)

Thanks for all the replies to the [Cooking]( theme from last week… it appears that we are pretty evenly split on those who are completely messy and those who are nice (hehe…).

Anyway, this week I was listening to an interesting podcast that had a theme of Emojis and how they get approved and standardised across the different platforms and everything… it’s pretty cool in a nerdy sort of way, mainly because they have to have a central set of standards otherwise messages just turn to garbage as it won’t be recognised by the receiver.

Anyway, it did start to bring up the idea of what constitutes an emoji… could it just be anything?


My Question

1. How do you feel about Emoji in general?

2. Should there be a limit to Emojis or should we just include everything that can be rendered in pixel picture form?


My sample answer


I’m a real late comer to the Emoji game… I think my daughter (who is now seven) started to introduce me to them in the last few years… even so, I’ve used them pretty sparingly. I am a huge fan of the Google Hangouts stickers though! Those are pretty cool…

Anyway, I think emoji are pretty useful as ways to convey nuance in meaning. Text by itself can be open to multiple interpretations of nuance and tone… that can rely too heavily on the projection of the reader’s intent onto the author. So, they serve a good use for that… or as a short hand for a reaction to a particular idea.

So, in this vein… that is how I view Emojis…. thus for me, it makes really little sense to have animals/chairs/beanbags… and a whole slew of pictures, which just makes finding the right one difficult! Maybe this is a sign of my loosening grasp of the cutting edge of technology? For me, the little round yellow guys are all that are required… the rest are just complications and confusions!



1. Upvote is not required, but appreciated!
2. Resteem is NOT necessary!
3. In the comments, answer as best as you can the questions that are posed in the “My Questions”!
4. I have added a small Steem-Bounty to the post, so that everyone who replies with a valid entry will get something back. If I give your post a small upvote, it is valid (also, subscribe to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit!).
5. I will be sponsoring as many people as this post pays out in liquid SBD/STEEM. Also I will kick in at least the required amount to round up to the full number. Winner is by random generator after a shortlisting of quality comments!
6. PLEASE PLEASE Don’t upvote your OWN comment. I can’t stop you doing it, but it seems to mess up the distribution of the Bounty for everyone else. If you upvote your own comment, I will consider it an invalid entry when doing the draw.


Steem Basic Income

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Last week’s winners

The [last post]( paid out 0.449 SBD and 0 STEEM in liquid earnings. So, that would make 2 shares.

The winners by random draw are:



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