Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Rituals….)

Thanks to everyone who did a little introspection for last week’s, [I’m a monster]( Steem Basic Income Giveaway!

This week, I was inspired by a podcast again… I was listening to how people have routines and rituals and how they differ… and how we are affected by the changes in such things. Apparently, routine is something that you do each time you do something… there is an order to the items in the checklist… The difference between a routine and a ritual is the reaction when that particular order is disturbed. So, a list of actions is considered a ritual if it really bothers you or puts you out if the order is changed.

That said, I was thinking about all the things that I tend to do… where the actions have an order… like writing posts (template, title, tags then start writing!)… however, if that order is disturbed it doesn’t bother me… it just makes it more likely that I will forget something and will have to come back and edit the post!

So, we all have a ritual in our lives… well, I think we all do! Where if we think about it, the order of things is pretty important to us… and if it is done out of order, then it bothers us (of course, how much it bothers you will vary from person to person!). Even the most rationally minded (or perhaps, more likely, the most rationally minded of us!), succumb to some sort of ritualistic behavior….


My Question

1. What is a ritual in your life, something that would really bother you if you didn’t do it, or if it was out of order? It can be a daily thing… or something that is specific to a rarer happening in your life….


My sample answer


So, when I was really young… I had the bedtime ritual… with the order of saying “Good Night” and “Sweet Dreams” to each person in the family in a particular order. If it was out of order, I would get pretty scared and wouldn’t be able to sleep easily. Now, my kids (especially the toddler) have a similar bedtime routine, where there are things that must be done in a certain order… or they get quite upset! For the little one, it is a book, then getting her sleeping bag, then closing the door (a little bit, not too much), then climbing on the bed… counting to 10, then jumping off and falling into the sleeping bag… then lights out, then climbing into the bed…. I sometimes wonder if it is a ritual that is only for her and her parents (us)… and whether or not it makes any difference with the babysitters!

For myself, before I go on stage… I’m usually quite calm and relaxed… beforehand, I won’t be the guy that is furiously practicing at the last minute… I’m the one in the corner, reading a book or playing a computer game… and at the last moment, I will grab my violin or whatever I need and then head straight on. However, just before I cross over the threshold, I always take a deep breath and tell myself that it is all going to go well!… not sure if that helps or not, but it is something that I do every time… and when I forget, then I find myself on stage with a slight nervousness that isn’t quite under control until later!

I also have a bit of a morning ritual which my wife does like to tease me for… she thinks it is all in my mind, and a thing of habit… but it really bugs me if I don’t do these things before leaving the house. The order needs to be, toilet (poop, I seem to have a reflex to do it first thing in the morning…), shower and then brush teeth… if these things are out of order, or missed (because I”m travelling early in the morning…)… then I really feel out of place for the whole day!



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