Steem Basic Income Giveaway (I’m a monster….)

Thank you to everyone who put in an entry for last week’s [SBI Giveaway](… it was a bit of an interesting question that had popped up into my mind as I was listening to science podcasts… and I was curious what other people thought… there was a bit of nuance that was slightly missed by some commentators… in that the medical drugs that we currently use and prescribe to pregnant women are not completely tested for safety and efficacy in direct tests. There were a few comments that jumped straight to the “no testing” answer in relation to experimental drugs.

Anyway, a much simpler question this week… as we progress through time, as societies evolve and we learn more about the universe around us… ethics and morals change. Which is normal… there is no absolute to ethics, what is right is really a consensus by society and not an universal absolute.

Anyway, this leads us to the obvious outcome… there are many things that we are doing at this moment in time… which are perfectly moral and ethically uncontroversial (in general…) which will be probably seen by later generations as immoral or ethically indefensible.


My Question

1. What is something (or more than one thing…) that you do at the moment… which is not frowned upon by society, which you suspect will not be looked on kindly by inhabitants of future centuries?


My sample answer

Well… I guess the most obvious choice for me is that I’m a fan of eating meat. Already there is some debate over whether or not this is really an ethical thing to do. However, I’m just a fan of eating meat… so, the best I can do is to eat smaller amounts or “ethically” grown animals. The objection to meat is two-fold… the first being the direct harm to animals and the second being the knock-on effects of livestock farming upon our ecosystem.

If you really think about it… breeding animals to have their sole purpose to be slaughtered for food is pretty distasteful. Sure, there are ways to “ethically” kill the animals… but the general concept is still there… is it okay to bring living things into the world, to be killed at a later date? Added to this, is the ongoing literature which suggests that animals can feel more pain (like cooking lobsters alive…) or suffering than we had before cared to think about…

The second prong is the direct effect of livestock farming on the Earth’s ecosystem. It isn’t the most efficient use of resources (land and nutrition wise…), plus it has a large output of pollutants via methane which do impact our atmospheric balance. The data shows that it is a significant proportion of the human contribution to greenhouse gases. There is some suggestion that it is on par with transportation as our biggest contributor… although, a secondary study shows that the accounting in the original study was a bit over-enthusiastic about the accounting! However, even still… it is a large proportion!



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