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Thanks to everyone who responded about who they most [resembled out of their mother or father…](… it is always interesting to see how we take the traits (good and bad) of the ones that spend so much time shaping our early lives.

Anyway, this week is a more of a tougher question… I was listening to some podcasts… and most of my podcasts are quite scientific in nature, and there were interviews with researchers who were highlighting how most of modern medicine has been geared towards the treatment and efficacy in men. Now, this is not a discrimination thing as such… it was just deemed in the past that the fluctuating hormone levels of women made them unreliable test subjects for medical trials. Needless to say, this has meant that there are certain drugs that work much less well in women (or not at all…) due to the lack of testing on subjects.

As a corollary to this, there has also been a lack of information and testing of drugs in pregnant women… for some reason, it is considered unethical to test on a pregnant women (joking… don’t flame me…). Thus, pregnant women are usually unable to get prescriptions from a doctor as most of them will just say… I’m not sure… I don’t know!

So, without going to the bad old days of the early 20th century where you could just test medical treatments out on unsuspecting humans… should we be testing medical drugs on pregnant women?


My Question

1. Do you think it would be a good idea (ethical…) to test medicines on pregnant women, to gather data about the efficacy of the drugs… so that women who are pregnant and in need of some sort of medicine can have some certainty about efficacy and side effects?


My sample answer


Well… I’m stuck. On one hand, I am of the opinion that more data is always better, and so there is that side of me which says that as long as the trials are not forced, and the pregnant women are consenting… then there is no problem! However, that said… there is a potential third party who can not give consent…

… on yet another hand, I do think that abortion is a women’s right.. and no one else’s business.. and that also involves the lack of consent from the same third party.

… so, I would say that in the case of abortion, I don’t consider early term pregnancies to be “alive”, much in the same way I wouldn’t consider single and multi-celled creatures “alive”. By “alive”, I mean that they are conscious and intelligent life forms…. so by this reasoning, I would consider that the third party consent of the fetus, is the proxied to the mother.

… so, if I follow the same logic, then the medical experimentation on pregnant women is not a problem as long as the woman has given consent for the trial. In the end, it is more useful to have solid data so that treatments can be suggested and given with some degree of certainty. Acting (or avoiding action) whilst cloaked in ignorance is for me a far greater danger…

… bleah… but like I said, I’m not sure!



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