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Thanks for sharing some odd and embarrassing stories about [what your parents tell others about you!]( There were some truly hilarious ones… well, funnier when it happens to someone else!

Anyway, this week… I find myself preparing for Mother’s Day! Well, two mother’s day… there is my own mother… and then I have to co-ordinate my children to actually do something for the day! So, it’s like doing twice the amount! Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll get everything done in time… I lost a day or two due to lack of sleep….

Anyway, that has led me to thinking about how people often say… you take after your mother… or you take after your father…. and then the reasons why…


My Question

1. Do you take after your mother or father? Why?


My sample answer


Well… I have to say that without a doubt, that I take after my father much more than I did after my mother. My father was a mathematician, and both of us were much more interested in the abstract rather than the practical. We were both gadget nerds as well… and with terrible (good…) fashion taste! To this day, I’m still more interested in learning and thinking rather than doing… the invasion of reality into my ideal abstract space is always an unwelcome surprise….

My brother does take after my mother much more… both of them can make idle chatter with strangers about anything… My father and I preferred silence. My mum and brother are also much more fond of using cliches in speech, which I have great fun mocking! The other half of the family are also much more practically minded, with both of them working in the medical field… I like to refer to them (lovingly…) as the slow half of the family!

Anyway, in the future… I’m curious to see how my daughter’s turn out… at the moment, I think the older one takes after me much more than the little one. However, time will tell….



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The winners by random draw are:




… and one special SBI prize for an abosultely hilarious reply from @stevescoins.

> The Good
> Tied between two very short stories

> The first time they took me to church, I fidgeted for about 10 minutes before whining at the top of my little voice…Mommy, this show is BORING!
> We lived in Lalaland (Los Angeles)…during the big earthquake that convinced my folks to move out of Cali, my mom rushed in to check on me in my crib; as the crib bounced and rolled across the room, my mom was shocked that I was standing up in it and laughing as hard as I could

> The Bad and the Ugly
> As a wee tot, I got into the toilet bowl know, the blue stuff. I then went on and painted my junk blue with it. My parents thought this was cute, so they took a pic of me with a s**t-eating grin and a blue dangle on the dingle. They then proceeded to show this pic and tell this story to every friend I made until I was at least 10. Then they wondered why I never brought any girlfriends over to the house to meet them ;>

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