Our poor little girl is down with Conjunctivitis… otherwise known as “Gunky Eyes”. It’s pretty gross to wake up with your eyes glued shut… however, I think it is pretty harmless as long as you keep it clean. Unfortunately, it is pretty highly infectious… so I have to be pretty careful with cleaning it, and giving her kisses and hugs… or I will soon be waking up with glued eyes as well!

On a side note, the @king-of-disease has arrived on our beloved STEEM chain is [busily infecting Steemians left, right and centre](https://steemit.com/fun/@king-of-disease/beware-the-steem-plague-is-here). Thanks to @soyrosa for sneezing all over me… What is going to happen when the plague runs its course? What is going to happen to the infected? Will we be redeemed and rise to a higher level of blockiness on the chain?


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