Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Rose tinted…)

Hmmmm… it appears that [my topic last week]( about “being evil” scared away a few people… I didn’t quite have the usual number of entries! Oh well, more chances and bounty for those who did enter!

This week, we’ve had a bit of a terrible tragedy in New Zealand… and the response in some quarters of the internet and also the fact that some of the massacare was live streamed led me to thinking about the better days of the internet… when I was at university, and only the nerds were interested in the idea of networked computers and servers… whilst all the cool kids were busy getting drunk and laid in the common green area….

Which is a completely rose-tinted view of the past.. but one that I hold on to…. I miss those days of the internet!


My Question

1. What is something that you have rose-tinted memories about?


My sample answer


As I alluded to in my introduction, I was one of the users of the internet in the ’80s (my father was a mathematician who was interested in the idea of networked computers) and then later in the ’90s when I was one of the nerds at college taking over the local university network to play games of CounterStrike and Quake… or the original StarCraft or C&C. Or just hanging out on BB boards, playing MUDs, or cruising around for warez… you know, good clean wholesome fun!

Those were the days when it was just the elite of the nerd-dom who were interested in the internet and the gems that were in it… before all the rest of the Earth population decided that it would be great to turn the whole thing into a straw-man bashing complain-o-fest with glitzy shopping malls and horrible networking sites. ARRRGH!

So, I do realise that this is a completely rose-tinted view of internet life in the early consumer days… I was there when the search engines were totally crap, and trying to find something was as tricky as finding something on the darknet today. Then, when Google launched with it’s revolutionary new search algorithm… we were all blown away! It was also a horrible time of terrible looking websites… after all we were nerds with no appreciation for visual niceties, not like these hippy web designers that pass themselves off as programmers these days!

Shopping was also non-existent… the idea that you could do anything with the internet other than play games, download warez and pr0n, and cause mischief (not me, but I had friends…) was completely unimaginable!

So, I know that the idea of the internet that I had in the early days is a completely rose-tinted view of the past… but there are also many days I regret that the internet has become so commonplace and so easy to access.



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Steem Basic Income

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