Two exceptional baby Steemians!


This is my entry for “Love Your New Steemians” contest run by @steemitbloggers and @zord189.

In my ongoing series of posts for @pifc, I come across many young and undervalued accounts that are posting on a wide variety of topics from music to model-making! I would like to show off a couple of them for this contest, to hopefully bring them to the attention of a larger audience!

I was reviewing the last two months of @pifc posting that I had done, and these two were by far and away my favourite ones! Oddly enough, both are also @teamaustralia people which just goes to show that Australians are the best people for everything…

To my fellow @steemitbloggers, if you enjoyed doing this contest, you are likely to also enjoy the weekly curation contest by @pifc! [See here for me details!](



The organ is a lesser class of instrument compared to the violin… but @contrabourdon (Feb 2019) is a great proponent of the instrument. It’s great that he access to a large church organ, as it allows you to hear the vast majesty of the “king of instruments”. It’s not always size that matter though…

In this [featured post]( @contrabourdon is showing off his performance ability in a piece (Prelude and Fugue in D minor, BWV 554) that was spuriously attributed to JS Bach, but is now thought to be from one of his students.

Just sit back and enjoy the music!

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Model Making

Holu Moly! In the time that I first curated @andrewsmodels for @pifc, he has seen some great support from the STEEM community at large! It’s great to look back and see that someone is doing well!

@andrewsmodels (Feb 2019) is also a fellow Australian who has a YouTube channel featuring models and model making! I used to make models when I Was younger, but they were pretty poorly done… Take a look at his dTube channel to see how a real pro manages to do these things!I’m really fascinated by how people can make these pieces so lifelike… with so much intricate detail.

In this [featured post](, @andrewsmodels has a review of a Star Wars kit… I wonder if he also makes Warhammer figures… I LOVE that universe!

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