Kids say the strangest things…


My little one isn’t really talking properly at the moment… most of the time it is the crazy babble that makes so much sense to her… and only sometimes makes a little bit of sense to the rest of us! Mauled words in both Dutch and English doesn’t help with the understanding either… However, my older daughter is definitely understandable in both languages… although, she keeps teasing me with my Dutch, so I tease her about her English! She does say some of the weirdest things in English due to the Dutch literal translation sometimes!

Anyway, the other day… as we were riding back from doing the school/dance/daycare rounds… we were stuck in traffic as per normal. Usually, we have a game of which road we should take… the fast road or the slow road, as both of them get blocked up at slightly different times… but at the time that we make the choice, it is next to impossible to tell which is going to get us back the fastest! It so happened that we chose the wrong road this time… and got completely stuck on the freeway (snelweg). I mentioned that it didn’t really matter… as whichever road we took, we were still going to get home anyway!

… to which she started talking about how happy she was with her life! Uh… okay, it’s great that she is really happy with her family and school and her friends. I guess we are a family that has modest means… and modest desires, and we are easily comfortable…. but it was still a touch of a bizarre thing to say! Although, deep down, I’m happy that she said it… I’m someone who is generally happy with the way things are, and it takes a great deal to upset me (or just the right sort of thing…), so I would be pretty pretty chuffed if she took after me in that respect!

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