Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Being Evil…)

Thanks for all the [Dream Destinations]( from the last week’s post! Lots of really interesting places to visit… I was happy that there were other people who shared my desire to see the skyshow of the Northern (or Southern) Lights! I also got a few new ideas for places that I would want to visit….

I’ve been reading a few of the articles by @loreshapergames ([Villains]( about game design and the idea of Villain vs the Serpent. Anyway, it gets me thinking about the concepts of Good and Evil. There used to be a time in the far far past of our history that these concepts were well defined and quite absolute. Usually, this had the practical effect of friends being Good and everyone else being Evil Incarnate… actually, that’s still something that you can quite easily see on the internet these days!

Anyway, I am curious to think about what you think about the concepts of Good and Evil?


My Question

1. What do you think about the ideas of Good vs Evil?


My sample answer


I really don’t think anyone is willingly and actively evil (or good for that matter…). I’m not a keen believer in the idea of pure anything or absolutes…

Goodness is at it’s core, a partially selfish thing. People are good to the things and people that matter most to them… that circle of goodness extends to a different radius depending on the individual. However, at it’s core, I do think it is also partly influenced by the desire to build a strong community/network around you that you can depend upon to help you when you need it. Not that there is anything wrong with that… but I don’t think it is completely altruistic…

Evilness in it’s own way is the mirror image of this circle of goodness. Outside a certain radius, the ability to empathise and care about what happens just drops off. For instance, in my own personal sense… I know that there are things that I should and can do to reduce my carbon footprint… but I’m not going vegetarian! The effects of my actions are just too far off and unseen for me to weigh it objectively. (However, before you lambast me… I do do other things….).

So… that’s my short answer to the question. Obviously, it is a much much much deeper topic than what I’ve answered here… but I’m not going to write a book!



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