So Excited, Captain Marvel tomorrow!!!!!


So, [about one month ago to the day…]( I bought a movie ticket to see Captain Marvel on my day off when the kids were otherwise occupied with learning stuff at school or daycare! Sadly… I didn’t realise that the movie wasn’t out yet… and that I had bought a ticket for tomorrow (one month ahead of time…)!

As a parent, I tend to see movies about 3 months behind everyone else… so I’m just spending lots of time avoiding spoilers and all the internet gossip and talk about the movie. Or maybe, I’ll not even see at the movies… but perhaps a year or more later on a long haul plane trip.

However, due to my extreme screw up last month… I am going to be one of the first to see this movie! I think I can get used to this! I was happy that I hadn’t thrown away my ticket accidentally in the preceding months… it was still safe and sound in the part of my wallet that I had stashed it away in!

I know there has been quite a bit of controversy with some comments that Brie Larsons had made… and then the crazy overreaction with the Rotten Tomatoes review bombing and the subsequent handling of that (and the screams of censorship…). My personal opinion is that people in this day and age can go completely crazy about the slightest thing… without reading any context or anything like that. So, no big surprises… I just wish people would engage their brains before typing and letting the world know their opinions…

… as for the Rotten Tomatoes… well, it is a review site… it doesn’t make sense to review bomb something just because you haven’t watched it and you have some non-movie opinion. Go to Facebook for that sort of thing… Me, I’m watching the movie tomorrow and I’m going to enjoy going to watch a movie that I’ve looked forward to seeing! Everyone else can go tilt at windmills and straw men as much as they like… whatever makes you feel like a big person on the internet…

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