Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Cringe….)

Thanks to everyone who posted a reply in the [Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Advice to your younger self….)]( last week! There were so many interesting pieces of advice our younger selves… Apologies for the funny @steem-bounty distribution, I’m still trying to figure out what is going on.

This week, I was just remembering back to something that I had done when I much younger… the sort of thing that you think back and think… why? Well, also at the moment that I did it, I also wanted to sink into the ground….

Anyway, I was going for a hopefully more light-hearted question this week! What was the most cringe-worthy (embarassing…) thing that you’ve done… or the one that you are willing to share… perhaps, there are still moments that you don’t want to share!


My Question

1. What is the most embarrassing (cringe-worthy) thing you have done?


My sample answer


During a performance, I do enjoy talking to the audience if I have a chance (easier in English, Dutch is still very scary for me to do!)… however, usually I’m doing this off the cuff (no notes…) as that is the way that I prefer to do it.

Now, quite a number of years ago… I did this performance of the Biber “Crucifixion” Sonata, which is a piece that is always in my repertoire. It’s a great piece that is pretty showy… and it comes with an interesting story… being that it is one of the Sonatas that depict the Catholic Stations of the Cross. Plus, it utilises an intentionally mis-tuned violin (Scordatura)

Now, as I was explaining about the cycle of sonatas… I was talking about this particular one, and in an effort to describe the Crucifixion, I started to demonstrate the position that you always see Jesus when he is depicted in artworks on the Cross. So, arms out… blah!…

Trust me… I knew as I was doing it, that this was a really stupid thing to be doing…. but I just could not stop my mind in time! Oh, I really just wanted to sink into the ground at that moment… It doesn’t help that my wife reminds me of it every now and then…



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