Public Enemy number 1

Sigh… it isn’t the ones that you expect! So, after battling hair lice for a little while, we’ve been mostly on top of it… however, we found out that the source (or at least a safe haven) for the little critters has been this little one! Fifteen eggs found and removed…

It came a bit as a surprise, as she wasn’t itching at all… which is the dead giveaway for the head lice… and so we thought that the attack vector for the oldest child was from school… little did we know that there was an inside job, and that the little one had turned.

So, we dropped the nuke on her… this stuff (non-poisonous…) has such a strong smell of menthol and possibly eucalyptus, it makes your eyes water a bit when you are putting it on! Luckily, she was treated to a bit of TV whilst she was being treated… but still not looking overly happy about it!

### We are getting there… after this we should be in the clear! I hope….

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