First offence….

We’ve been lucky so far with our girls, they’ve not felt strongly the compulsion to draw on the walls. Our oldest did a tiny little bit on a door in the past, and then never again… unfortunately, it was also in marker pen… so it took a little bit of effort to get off!

Anyway, the youngest one did her first piece of wall art this morning in orange crayon… hopefully it will be the last! After all, it was her first offence… so there is some leniency involved for the first infraction. Plus, she did go and point out where she had also drawn on the floor (which was lino, so that came off really easily!).

My first attempt at just scrubbing with water ended up smearing it a bit… so not a great solution. However, it did come better each time after letting it dry a bit and then scrubbing again.

However, too much scrubbing did mean that I was taking off more plaster than crayon! It’s not a disaster, but perhaps I should have turned to Google before starting on the problem… Anyway, it turns out there is a whole host of suggestions that people recommend for it… Someone suggests WD-40… and another person suggests mayonnaise! Well, I’m not particularly keen to put oil on the wall, as I’m not sure if the oil might soak in or mess up the paint… and I’m sure as hell not putting mayonnaise on the wall!

In the end, someone suggested a damp cloth with a bit of baking soda… good old baking soda, it seems to appear in every cleaning solution! Anyway, it does the job and mainly reduces the amount of force I need to scrub, which means I’m not stripping the paint and plaster…

So, the child is on notice… second infringement means incarceration! We have a dark naughty corner with a spider that hasn’t seen much action recently!

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