Well, yesterday the temperature in The Netherlands took a bit of a drop. For a couple of minutes in Den Haag, we even got a bit of slushy ice/snow falling from the skies! However, it didn’t last but there is some weather alert from my phone app saying that it could snow or frost this evening or overnight…

Anyway, as the temperature dropped, we woke up this morning to find that the hot-water system was offline. Of course this will happen on the cold day! So, my wife tried the usual thing of refilling the water in the heating system that usually is the problem, however that doesn’t seem to have fixed it…

I had to leave early for work this morning, and so I had to make the decision to skip a shower… it would have been ice-cold… but I miss my morning shower, I love just standing there and thinking.

Anyway, my wife had to do the school run by herself this morning, and so I tried calling the plumber/repair when they opened at 8 this morning. However, I got the expected walk through to try resetting the system (which I couldn’t do, as I was on the train and not at home!). So, I’m afraid it is a chore that will await my wife when she returns back to the house…

Hoping we’ve got hot water later today! Luckily, our house is pretty decently insulated, and so it isn’t too bad…. and the weather is cold for Den Haag, but it isn’t Siberia!

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