Steem Basic Income Giveaway (What defines you?)

Thanks for so many movie recommendations and favourites in the [last post!]( There are many many things that I now want to try and see if I can get hold of to watch!

Anyway, this week’s topic is one that is particularly interesting to me. It is about what defines our identity. As a musician, I notice that a lot of creative professionals define their identity very much with their “work”. As such, they can get quite caught up if things (performances) don’t go their way, and the external (and peer) appreciation of their art is very much tied to their happiness.

Their sense of self and self-worth can often be at the mercy of factors outside their control. I’m not sure if that is a healthy way to be, but it does seem to be the case for many people I know.


My Question

1. How would you define your identity?


My sample answer


Well, I’m a musician… however, I don’t really tie my identity so heavily to what I do. Despite the fact that I enjoy playing and seem to not be disasterous at it, it isn’t what I think about day in and day out (unlike some musicians that I know!). I find that I enjoy many interests from my past life in studying Science, and so I feel like that is a part of my identity, the logic and rational analysis that is part of that field.

I am a gamer, I’ve loved games for as long as I remember. Computer games mostly, but also board games… which in combination with the science, leads me down the path of identifying as a nerd! A label which I wear proudly!

I’m a father, and I take great pride in watching and enabling my kids to learn… and I think I’m a decent partner to my wife! Unexciting, but loyal and dependable!

So, I guess… I would define myself as a unexciting, but stable person… with an identity that isn’t concentrated in one area… I’m a nerd, a gamer, a father, a musician and a husband!



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Steem Basic Income

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Last week’s winners

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