When your life revolves around….




Our little one has lost her obsession for ice-cream, which is probably due to the colder weather. However, she has retained her sweet tooth and is still interested in all things sweet and dessert-like! Which does lead to some really funny things… For instance, when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she is usually screaming about someone stealing or taking her cake! Or when she finishes her breakfast, lunch or dinner… she doesn’t hesitate to give a little question “Cake?”. I guess there is no harm in trying, although more often than not she is rebuffed. That said, she just says… “Okay…” and then wanders off to play! It would be much more annoying if ended in a tantrum each time!

This also means that she has taken to looking at cake-making books as a sort of pastime as well….

It’s quite hilarious to watch! As she pretends to eat each and every picture in the recipe book!


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