Fireworks and Dried Apples (Ulog #43)

I probably will have to put some more thought into some of the titles of the posts that I write… they aren’t particularly catchy or clickbaiting… so what you see is what you get! This is a post about Fireworks and Dried Apples… surprise!


Preparing for New Year!×0/

Well, to start off the day (a very late start to the day… having grandparents here and school holidays means we get to SLEEP IN!!!!!), I had to pick up a bunch of kiddie fireworks from seasonal fireworks store nearby.

Fireworks are legal in The Netherlands in the hours around midnight on New Year’s Eve… which means you will hear and see them going off from the beginning of December right through until the beginning of February at which time everyone is either arrested or has run out of ammunition for the year.

For us, we just do a couple of little things… small rockets and sparklers and fountains. Last year, we did a have a box of larger fireworks that we won in a raffle so that was pretty exciting. However, this year it is just the baby packets!

Needless to say that is great for us, seeing as I’m not particularly keen to spend the over 100 euros to get a starter box of the larger fireworks! If I want to blow up 100 euros, I would have invested it in Bitcoin at the start of the year! (HAHAHA… too soon?)

This year, we learnt from the neighbour’s kids to buy slow burning fuses. This means that we don’t need to freeze our hands off trying to light fuses with a cigarette lighter. It’s also much less painful…

Also, this year we have bought matching safety glasses for the kids. Last year, we had rocket not launch properly and it splintered wood everywhere! Luckily, it was very little and so there was no-one injured… but I don’t want to take any chances!

Tomorrow, I’ll get a photo and post done for our little pyrotechnic haul… our oldest daughter is having a sleepover at a friend’s place and I don’t want to unpack things without her!


Making dried apples

Sadly, this was the other highlight of my day! It’s a pretty slow day here, which is a nice change of pace from the crazy running around that normally is my normal day. Just taking time out to dry some apples, also to show my mother how it works (quite possibly before she leaves, we will have about fifty kilos of various dried fruit…).

So, an hour after lunch of peeling and cutting apples… ready for the dryer! But first the tax girl must take her share…

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