Pay it Forward Entry – Week 38

This is my submission for the [Pay it forward Curation contest]( run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Merry Christmas everyone!Hope everyone had a nice day of eating and drinking too much and living to regret it the next day! Hopefully not too many dinner table arguments with distant relatives about the merits of crypto or any other touchy topics!

Anyway, I had to draw upon my list of saved bloggers this week as I was busy with Christmas stuff (I’m starting to run out, or they have gone dark… I really need to refresh the list faster than I’m featuring people!).


3D Printing

I’m a nerd, and I have nerdy interests! What could be more nerdy than 3D printing and having a 3D printer at home? I’m not currently allowed to splash out on one (despite them being much cheaper these days), so I have to live vicariously through other people’s achievements!

@khufu (REP 51) is a fellow #teamaustralia (or is that #teanaustralia?) blogger who is part of the tital wave of Australians who are threatening to take over Steem. You might not know it, but your best pal on Steem might just be an Australian!

Anyway, he has a 3D printer! [This post is a blog]( about the prototyping of a “Ladies” knife that he plans to make after Christmas. It looks pretty interesting, the ability to print your own tools is quite a handy ability. I’m personally quite curious if it would be able to hold it’s edge well or not!



The good people at the @ssg-community have turned me into a crazed silver collector… well, maybe not crazed, but now always keeping a keen eye out for a special deal or two!

Anyway, @kerrislravenhill (REP 55) is also a collector of fine silver and in [this post]( she shares her latest find with a very seasonal theme!

I was actually hoping to featured [this post]( but stupid @curie beat me to it, but you should take a look anyway! But I did want to feature her before she passed the 55 REP mark!


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