Well, I guess that every parent (and not just parents…) knows the feeling of Christmas Eve! However well prepared you’ve been in the weeks leading up to Christmas, there is always a plethora of unforeseen events that need your time and attention on the day before Christmas.

It can range from the mundane cleaning of the house before visitors arrive… the packing and wrapping of presents… the preparation of food for the next day… the last minute oversight of something important! There is always something to do!

Anyway, we’ve been pretty good this year… we have had most things done and planned in advance (lol, ask me again in a few hours…), so we seem to have the busy-ness and the chaos contained. My wife and oldest have gone out to a see a dance concert (recital???… what the hell do people call these things!), my mother and the youngest have gone to the park…

Which leaves me about an hour of free time to get some quick chores done around the house… and to quickly post this Steem post!

Anyway, it is a short post as I have a list of things to do… perhaps I’ll be back on in the evening if I manage to get everything done… but just in case!



… and if you are a parent, good luck… don’t get caught!


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