Steem Basic Income Giveaway (Annoyances….)

Some pretty [interesting wishes]( for Santa and his Christmas sack, some of which would be easier to fit down the chimney than others!

For this week, I’m curious about things that annoy you… Life is full of petty or not-so-petty things that can bother us. Usually, I will shrug them off and not let it bother me. If that is the way things are and the way that people are happy to behave… then who am I to stand in their way. Of course, once those things start impacting a bit more directly on myself and people I know, then I start to stand up. I guess this is pretty much true for everyone…

However, these last couple of days has seen me be in a bit of a cranky mood… and so little annoyances are… well, just annoying me!


My Question

1. What is one (or more!) things or situations that annoy or bug you?


My sample answer


My pet peeve is people pushing in on lines. It really bugs me to no end, as there is a line of people or cars or whatever… and someone will happily waltz on past other people and just shove in where ever they feel they can.

Now, I understand that sometimes there is a good reason for this… like a real hurry or an emergency, but more often, I just think it is because someone thinks that they are just too good to wait in line with others.

It irritates me even more in systems where the pusher-in just doesn’t care if it causes chaos behind them. This is most apparent in driving, as the crazy drivers that are trying to jump a few spots ahead are impeding the smooth flow of traffic, thus causing the slow-down that other idiots will try and jump around.

Most often, there is no need to rush ahead. Things will come and happen at their own pace. If you are late, then you are late (or you should have left earlier with a time buffer, the time for rushing and planning is long past!).

Bleah… rant over, glad that is off my chest. Although, I have to say, I really stupidly happy when the shop-assistant skips the queue jumper, or the out of zone plane boarder is turned back at the airport boarding until the right time or if the crazy driver ends up stuck behind in a much slower lane…. SUCK IT!!!!

Haha… now back to nice Bengy!



1. Upvote if you want, it increases the payout and then I can hopefully sponsor more people.
2. Resteem is NOT neccessary, but the more people see this, the more the people will be likely to be sponsored.
3. In the comments, answer as best as you can the questions that are posed in the “My Questions”!
4. I have added a small Steem-Bounty to the post, so that everyone who replies with a valid entry will get something back. If I give your post a small upvote, it is valid (also, subscribe to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit!).
5. I will be sponsoring as many people as this post pays out in liquid SBD/STEEM. Also I will kick in at least the required amount to round up to the full number. Winner is by random generator after a shortlisting of quality comments!


Steem Basic Income

One of the first communities that I came in contact with at the beginning of my time at Steemit was @steembasicincome. As a author starting out on your fresh new Steemit account, Steemit can be a daunting and lonely place to be. OFten, it can feel like you are posting into an abyss with no one listening and with no ability to grow out of the situation. A share of Steem Basic Income gives you a guaranteed vote on one post a day, thus giving you a small but over time cumulative support to your account to help grow you out of your initial wilderness!

With this post, I want to help sponsor people who might not even have the spare 1 STEEM that is required for registration. So, when this post pays out, I will sponsor people depending on the payout of this post. Basically, I will round up the SBD payout from this post and then that will be the number of people I will sponsor. (So, if the payout is 2.3 SBD, I will sponsor 3 people). OF course, this is not simply an altruistic move, as the sponsor of a Steem Basic Income share also gets a share, so it is a great way to help others whilst helping yourself!


Last week’s winners

The [last post]( paid out 0.005 SBD and 1.370 STEEM in liquid earnings. So, that would make 2 shares.

The winners by random draw are:



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