The Glamorous Life of a Parent!

… or as I like to think of it: How I became to be at one with Spew…

I used to be quite a sympathetic spewer. If I saw or smelt the stuff… I would have to go running, before it overtook me, and I would find myself spewing as well! However, these days… I still retch a bit, but I’m getting much better at handling it and cleaning it up!

Today, our little toddler is sick and throwing up. When she is sick like this, generally she comes running up to you and starts coughing a bit. That means you have roughly ten seconds to get rid of this living time bomb, or if you are feeling more generous, mentally prepare yourself to be covered in spew!

The first time this morning was quite funny in a sort of not that funny sort of way! I was home with the kids, and my wife had gone to yoga. During the morning, the toddler had been coughing and retching, but nothing would happen. However, when my wife returned, our toddler ran to her… and started coughing… and then spewed! Luckily this time it was onto tiled floor, so I was thinking that it was pretty easy to clean… however, I was also thinking that it was surprisingly less than I thought there should be!

… well, the reason for that was that a good chunk of it went into my wife’s handbag!

The second time happened just an hour ago… I had just come back from work (and no, this is not going to be a karma thing where I get spewed on for finding the first experience funny!).

The little one had been sleeping, and she was just playing… I come upstairs, she starts coughing… and runs to mum! (Fathers are generally second pick…).

Spew! Mostly in the bucket in the first photo… but also onto the rug and clothes! Luckily, I’ve gotten pretty good at cleaning this up. The past year has given me a decent dose of experience. Our oldest child was not a spewer… this little one is…

So, now she is watching TV with her mum. We are going to give her a dinner which we won’t mind so much wearing sometime later in the night. Probably some unflavoured rice and toast….

The night will be interesting… I’m on duty, so I’m hoping it will be uneventful! Last time, I got thrown up on three times in the middle of the night. Of course, she always waits for me to clean everything up before spewing again!

So, not too much Steeming for today! or this evening! Bleah, I can still smell spew on my hands…

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