Rommel Piet (Ulog #40)

Being non-natives to the country of our residence (Netherlands), we are slowly learning all the traditions of our adopted country at the same time that our oldest daughter comes in contact with them (hopefully one or two steps ahead, although, last year we screwed up the Pakjesavond… and did it on the wrong night!).

One of the most most awaited days of the school year (for the kids at least), is the arrival of Rommel Piet to the school. Literally translated as Messy Piet, he is one of the helpers of Sinterklaas, however with a bit of a messy streak (all these different flavours of Piets reminds me very much of Mr Men…).

Anyway, on this day (yesterday), Rommel Piet comes into the school over the evening before and makes a complete mess of the school! Often leaving black handprints (Pass, I’m not going into the Zwarte (black) Piet question!) and just overturning and making a huge mess of the school and classrooms (oddly enough, the teacher’s rooms tend to be untouched… conspiracy?).

Anyway, here are a few photos of the chaos from my daughter’s classroom this year!

Here is a short video from a different school of what was going on!

Upgoats by ryivhnn
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