Pay it Forward Entry – Week 33

This is my submission for the [Pay it forward Curation contest]( run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Well… this week has been a nightmare roller coaster for crypto, but on the other hand, I did get to meet up in real life with some Steemians in Rotterdam! I’m not a very social sort of guy, so I was a touch nervous about meeting new people, but in the end it was quite a pleasant experience, and one that I hope to repeat in the future!



My first blogger is @michellebonaroti (REP 51) who does this interesting digital painting, [Girl and Octopus II](–michellebonaroti–1569363041–artisteem-art-art-venture-theluvbug-artzone–2018-11-20-19-13-22–artwork–none) for her entry in the @i-talent contest run by @ivan.atman.

It is an interesting style that she has, and this painting is a mix of the digital and the paper analogue art styles. In addition, the @i-talent contest is an interesting contest that is run by @ivan.atman, that ais to showcase some of the best artworks and music on the Steem chain.


General Blogging

Sometimes it is nice to just read a blog that doesn’t have a specific focus. @hockney (REP 49) writes about a variety of things, from music to board games. It was actually a board game post that first caught my attention, but [this post is about a rock concert by ELO]( that he had gone to, in which he seems to have a series of posts (where he also seems to collect the t-shirts from the gigs!).

It’s a nice read, and sometimes that’s what you want in a blog, nothing technical and nothing that has an agenda to push!


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I’m going to keep a record of my past entries mostly for my own ease of finding them again!

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