Sigh… (Ulog #36)

Well… today finds me driving a two hour trip (each way, so a total of four hours) for a scratch orchestra job. Sadly, the quality is well… different to what I’m normally used to, and so it is these times that you find that your professionalism really needs to shine through! Ah, the joys of being a freelancer… mercenary and professional!

Anyway, I’m not particularly keen to write about that… so I’m going to just post a quick post (I have just a short dinner break…) about my interesting little double case! It is an odd little case for violin and viola, that has been my almost constant companion for the last eight or so years.

As you can see, from the outside, it is not too big, roughly the size of a normal viola case (you might not suspect that it actually houses two instruments and four bows!). This means that I tend to have very little trouble when it comes to boarding flights… although, sometimes it does mean I’m not allowed to have an accessory bag (my TimBuk2 messenger bag!), which means that I have to hold my laptop on the flight!

The outside is also where the multitude of tags that I’ve collected (saying that it is allowed as cabin baggage). These are prized trophies, that help me avoid a fight at the check in desk or at the boarding gate. One time, a flight attendant was going to help me out by ripping them off, as she thought that they were a touch messy… I think she was a bit taken aback when I almost screamed “NO!!!!!”.

When you open it up, you get to see the trick that makes the most efficient use of the space inside. The case opens up fully flat, and the instruments actually sit face on top of each other! The danger being that if you forget to tie them in, then you have two instruments running face first into each other!

The four bow holders are to the sides, but the limited space means that I need to take the bows out before the instruments, otherwise they will scratch each other!

You can also see various compartments that house various violin/viola stuff… like a stuffed toy (by @zen-art) of my Steem avatar, and a wooden box that was given to me by my wife for our “Wood” anniversary. It has photos in it of our wedding… and our first child! I really should update it to have a photo of our second child as well!

Anyway, for this particular job, I needed a vast array of instruments and bows…. and so my weapons of choice this evening were:

1. Baroque Violin: It’s an anonymous instrument from the 18th century. A great instrument, which unfortunately is on loan to me… so it’s not mine… We’ve only had our acquaintance for the last five or so years, so it is one of my newest friends, but I think we work well together… although, I can’t speak for what it thinks!

2. Baroque Viola: This one is mine, and is a lovely modern recreation of a Baroque instrument by an Australian maker. I love this instrument so much, and it has treated me well in the decade or longer that we have known each other!

3. Baroque Violin bow: An Australian maker, over twenty years together! I love it, it is fast and agile. Exactly what I want in a bow!

4. Baroque Viola bow: Oddly enough, this is an incredibly cheap bow that I bought as an emergency after I shattered my other bow. I had about 20 cheap bows to choose from at short notice, and this was the only one that was decent. Oddly enough, I never looked back… and I never ended up replacing it with a “real” bow!

5. Classical Violin bow: Well… more of an early Romantic bow, but who is counting? It’s a modern recreation of an older bow… held in some museum somewhere… unfortunately, the ivory frog means that I can’t really travel across borders that have Customs check points…

6. Classical Viola bow: This is my last purchase from this year. It is an original bow from around the 19th century. This was a chance find, as I wasn’t looking to buy a Classical Viola bow (I already have one… speaking of which, I’ve loaned it out… I should get it back!). However, when this turned up at an incredibly good price then I just had to jump for it! Not only is it old, but it a great quality bow as well!

So… enough Steem for tonight… finish this rehearsal and then back in the car for the long drive home… I probably will keep myself awake by listening to how the drama on BCH turned out!

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