Whoops! (Ulog #31)


Well… sometimes we have our moments of parenting fails…. hopefully, not too often, but inevitably they will happen. Hopefully, they will make for funny stories later on in life and not traumatic psychiatric traumas.

Anyway, as far as fails can go, I would have to say that this is pretty much on the minor side of things… but I know the response that my wife is going to give me when I get back home. Not the least my daughter when I tell her this!



The Setting

My oldest daughter is currently doing her B diploma for her swimming. It’s a pretty important thing to be able to swim in The Netherlands, and the B diploma means that she needs to be able to swim pretty strongly in full length clothes and shoes.

As I’m writing this, she’s done pretty well going the length of the pool, jumping in at one end, diving under an obstacle and then swimming breaststroke down the rest of the length. I’m pretty proud of what she can do, seeing as she’s a little one and not overly strong. Plus, she’s been struggling to keep up since the beginning and been a bit scared of the swimming since she’s started.

That said, she’s managed to keep up quite nicely, and soldiering on without complaint like the brave little trooper she is!



Father fail….


Seeing as she has to start the lesson in full clothes, we have her change into her “swimming” clothes and shoes at home. The we bundle into the car, which saves time at the swimming pool. As every parent knows, every little bit of streamlining of the schedule is a huge deal!

Normally, this is not a problem. Except this evening, I forgot to take her “street” or dry clothes. OOOOOOOPPPPPSSSSS!!!!! So, when she comes out, she is going to have nothing to wear except undies, coat and scarves… Well, she can wear my polar fleece and t-shirt, I can do the stripper look under my clothes….

As a sorry, I’ve bought her some lollies (candies for you Americans…. )…. I’m sure that she’ll see the funny side… her mum on the other hand….

### I’m going to be chilly on the drive back home!

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