Modern Stained Glass in Wuppertal (Germany)

When I’m travelling for work, I sometimes I play in churches that also have a concert series. A few months back, I played in this church (Alte lutherische Kirche am Kolk) in Wuppertal in Germany. Whilst playing in the performance, I found myself being quite entranced (yes yes… doing my job…) by the stained glass windows.

Often old churches have incredibly beautiful original stained glass. However, many of the newer churches forgo the extra cost of these decorations. This was a newer church that did have them, and obviously they were quite a more modern style with interesting sorts of motifs. For some reason, there was quite an heavy emphasis on a particular eye motif!

I’m not really such a fan of the modern styles of the stained glass, but I do find them interesting none the less.

Anyway, I will leave you with a few shots that I took after the concert with my phone. I’m afraid I’m not a great photographer, but is just more of a taster shot!

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