My little girl’s first “Rock” concert!

For her birthday at the start of the year, our little girl got some tickets to see one of her favourite “bands”. K3 is a girl group that is incredibly popular with young (primary school) girls in The Netherlands and Belgium. The music is pretty catchy and ultra-happy, pretty much fluff music… but the video productions budget are pretty impressive!

All in all, it is a huge money marketing machine like most of the “successful” music of these days, but it is what my girl likes…

When we bought the tickets, the only possible option was a concert nearly 8 months later! So, finally the time came (thank god, she hadn’t changed too much her music tastes in the time in between!), and she and a friend and two parents (the mothers…) got to go to their first “rock” concert. She’s been to quite a few of my classical music concerts and stuff like that, but this was the first in a stadium with a huge huge crowd of screaming girls…

She and her friend agreed to dress up in the costume that the singers wear for this breakout hit song, “10,000 luchtballonnen”.

To be perfectly honest, I was really really nervous about them going. I know it was a long time ago and it is a rare chance, but there was that terrorist attack a few years back on a children’s concert venue. Sigh… I guess when you are father, you start to have these irrational fears…

However, it was something I only told my wife after they got back… and it will probably be something that I’ll never tell my little girl!

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