A day at work…. (Ulog #30)

Sadly, as a musician, I often have to work on the weekends and night times when the rest of the work is enjoying their time off… however, on the bright side, I normally have mornings off!

So, today is going to be a bit of a slow day for Steemit posting and commenting as I’m busy at work, in rehearsal for an upcoming tour. Once the touring starts, there is much more time for doing Steem, but whilst the rehearsals are on it is next to impossible! Normally, I would be posting from a train, but this weekend the trains have gone to crap due to planned maintenance. That means that I’m constantly changing trains and it is hard to sit down and write a post… unless I want to risk missing a connection!

Anyway, this project marks the beginning of a busy month ahead of travelling and performing. Always a good thing, but it really means that my wife is trying to hold down the fort at home by herself, which is a pretty heroic job considering that she also has her own work to do… and we live so far away from grandparents, which means we can’t get extra family help…

So, this project will see me go to Russia for the first time! I’m pretty excited, as I’ve never been there before, and it will be a nice change of scenery! Although, I understand that it has gotten pretty cold there already (okay, not cold for Russians, but pretty damn cold for Australians…).

So… here we come…. with lots of Bach Bach Bach!


Keeping it short and sweet on Steemit today!


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