Breakout!… wrong way!


Oh well, it’s going to be one of these days! With Bitcoin (BTC) trading sideways for so long all the news and predictions were for a breakout, probably to the upside! I wake up this morning, and definitely there was a little breakout but to the downside in the early hours of the European morning! Likewise, the stock market seems to have taken a huge tumble as well!

It’s funny, I’m still reading my newsfeeds, and they are still full of articles from around 6-12 hours ago, all predicting heavily on an upside breakout! Well, Bitcoin (BTC) did bounce away from the 6000 USD line, so I guess I’m happy for that!


Cindicator predictions


Haha… Well, let’s just say that I’ll be happy if my total month to date scores remain above zero in the coming day! I’m getting a barrage of red predications, having bet heavily on most questions for a green upside breakout, or at the very least a slow growth in both the traditional and crypto market questions. Needless to say, I was pretty wrong… however the small light in the red was that some of the coins that I had less trust in I predicted to go down anyway, so there is an occasional flash of a green positive score! But the ratio is about one green to five red! Lucky I had built up a buffer of points in the preceding days!

So, today and maybe tomorrow, my Cindicator score is going to take a huge beating, and then I’ll slowly build it up again. With over two weeks before the end of the month payout, I’m still pretty certain that I can keep my score above water and even get a decent payout!


[Bitmex]( Derivatives


Well, as I had mentioned in [this post](, I was trying out the Bticoin and Ethereum derivatives market with [Bitmex](, and I had some beginner’s luck so far. Especially with being quite cautious and taking profits early rather than taking risky bets. As I had mentioned, I had only put a tiny amount of stake into this experiment, as I just wanted to learn the ropes.

Luckily, my Ethereum (ETH) position closed at a small profit before the crash, and even luckier the Bitcoin (BTC) price bounced back before it hit my liquidation price. Although, I have to say, it is still hovering too close to the liquidation price for my liking, but hopefully some white knights will drop in today and start hoovering up Bitcoin (BTC). On the other hand, if I lose it, it won’t matter too much, like I said it was only a tiny amount!


[EOS Knights](

[Publicity Screenshot from](

So, to end on a brighter note, my little toons in [EOS Knights]( are still busy jumping around and collecting materials and gear. I’ve started to appreciate the value of the pet expeditions in bringing rarer crafting items and more importantly the Magic Water that appears to be the limiting resource at the moment.

If you have a Scatter account set up, I would really recommend this idle game. It is something that can easily run in the background and isn’t hard on your computer. However, just like other freemium games, keep an eye on what you are spending. I don’t whitelist the spending on Scatter, so it throws up a “Are you sure” prompt before trying to do anything. Annoying, but it stops me spending EOS tokens accidentally. On the plus side, I have started to sell off some of my unwanted gear and materials for EOS tokens. Not much, but it is a start!

If you do join up, please use my referral code “g44daojvguge” and you will get a bunch of the resource Magic Water (I will get exactly the same amount, I think it is 1000).


Keep Your Crypto Holdings Safe with [Ledger](

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Supporting a wide range of top tokens and coins, the [Ledger]( hardware wallet ensures that your private keys are secure and not exposed to either real world or digital actors. Finding a happy medium of security and usability, [Ledger]( is the leading company in providing safe and secure access to your tokenised future!

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

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