Bleah! (Ulog #28)


I put this off for as long as possible… I hate doing this, and even when my wife nags and nags and tells me that she can’t stand to look at me anymore, I’ll still put it off. What is this horribly terrible chore that I have to do?


The worst thing to every happen


Okay… maybe with that chapter heading, I’m overstating it a little bit. Even more so, when I know that there are people who like doing this sort of thing… in which case, I think that really need to go to talk to a professional for their particular weird problem.

Getting a haircut. I dread having it done, and more so, I dread the days that follow. I dislike the fact that everyone notices and makes a comment, which is weird, as I am part of a professions whose job it is to BE NOTICED! But that is fine for my on-stage persona, but my private persona is one of private privateness! I like the corners of a room, I like the shady dimly lit areas, I just like being not noticed (but please give me your upvotes!).

So, I after dropping of my child at school and at daycare, I thought I would take the plunge and just go and get my hair cut. If nothing else, just to stop my wife growling at me each time I walk in the door.

Funnily enough, it is probably the fact that I avoid doing it for months and months and months that makes it much worse, as the difference is probably just that much more noticable. Maybe I should take a different tack, and just get a little trim every day, just so that I look the same from day to day? Or maybe I should fund some biotech to skip on finding a balding cure, and tackle the greater problem of why hair should grow in the first place… Why can’t it just stay static?

Anyway, for anyone who is interested in what I currently look like. I now look a lot like Bert from Seasame Street….

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