Even more interesting Tether (USDT) news?


As I had mentioned in this [last post](https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@bengy/istetherusdtstable-x29dvpil0f) about USDT (Tether), there is more and more evidence that the non-transparent nature of one of the pillars of our crypto ecosystem is ready to be fall and be replaced. Today, the news from the exchanges as reported by [CCN](https://www.ccn.com/new-crop-of-regulated-stablecoins-are-trading-at-a-premium-to-tether/) is that two of the newer stablecoins, USDC on [Poloniex](https://poloniex.com) and PAX on [Binanace](https://www.binance.com/?ref=18699956) are starting to trade at an advantage to the older USDT, Tether.

Although, the difference is only around 1% or so at the moment, it is not really a good thing for the older Tether, as the stable coins should be trading at 1:1 as they are all supposed to be tracking the US Dollar. Thus, it appears that there is a preference among traders on the exchanges that the newer stablecoins (PAX and USDC) are more trusted as stores of value than the older USDT.

The newer stable coins are fully regulation compliant in New York, which is considered to be THE most difficult regulation environment for cryptocurrencies at the moment, and so this was an important hurdle for them to clear. Both of the new stable coins have only recently been listed, I’m not sure about USDC, but I saw it around a week ago on Poloniex, and PAX only just launched on [Binance](https://www.binance.com/?ref=18699956) a couple of days ago. So, it is a touch too early to read long term into this trend, but it is something to keep in mind, especially if you are holding USDT at the moment as a store of value.



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