Change in Cindicator Payouts


So, the day has actually come to pass (well, it came to pass a few days ago, but I only just got around to writing about it!). If you follow my blog, then you will know that I do the analyst thing for Cindicator, which was a nice way to keep abreast of the crypto universe as well as earning a bit of Ethereum on the side!

However, this last month (as [per their roadmap](, Cindicator has switched from payouts in ETH to paying out in their own ERC-20 token, CND. Initially, my first reaction was that I would just take the CND and dump it straight away, and I thought that many analysts would do the same. However, after waiting a bit, I saw that CND wasn’t diving in price, which it would have been if analysts were just dumping the token. Instead, it had remained steady, which made me take a second look at their products that they had on offer, which requires that you hold CND in your Ethereum address to use.

It turns out that some of the higher level products would be of great use to people who would do high levels of trade, and there are planned roll-outs for more prediction tools. None of that is particularly useful to me (I don’t have that much loose cash to splash around!), but when and if big money does arrive in the crypto space, then there will be people and institutions that will be interested in the hybrid AI/analyst market predictions that Cindicator is providing with relatively good accuracy!

In addition, there are tools that a being promised that will be more targeted at analysts like me, which seem to be only available with the coins that are earned by analysts. That sounds right up my alley…

### …and so, for now, I hold my CND tokens instead of cashing out! After, the promise of something more is just too alluring!

Perhaps they will turn out to be nothing, but seeing as the CND tokens were earned via a short investment of time, then I find that to be an acceptable price for the promise of the future!

After all, it does seem like that they have [big plans]( being thought about!


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