Curating Music History: 1st movement from Brahms Violin sonata in G major


The Composition

This Violin Sonata (Opus 78), the first of three, by Brahms is known by the nickname “Regensonata” (Rain Sonata) due to the lifting of material from the two songs (also by Brahms), the “Regenleid” (Rain Song) and “Nachklang” (Echo). All three of the Brahms sonatas are an integral part of every professional violinist’s training and repertoire, and at some point in time, we all will perform these beloved pieces.

The sonata consists of three movements, of which I am only presenting this first movement excerpt. However, I would really recommend the rest of the sonata to anyone who is interested, as it is a piece that justly deserves it’s place in the standard repertoire of the modern Classical violinist.

This particular sonata (and this movement in particular) holds an incredibly special place in my heart as it was one of the first pieces that I ever performed together with my wife. In fact, this was long before we were romantically attached, and we were even barely on the border of speaking publicly to each other (we are both relatively shy people at heart!).

Just hearing it again after such a long time brings back a flood of emotions and memories from a long time ago!


The Composer

[By C. Brasch, Berlin (biography) –, Public Domain](

Johannes Brahms (1833 – 1897) is one of the central pillars of the Germanic tradition of Classical Music. Often spoken with the same reverence and respect as that accorded to Bach and Beethoven, his music has long occupied a favoured spot in the Classical music concert hall repertoire.

Despite the fact that pretty much all of his surviving works are generally considered masterpieces, Brahms often destroyed much of his own work, with manuscripts being destroyed physically whilst other works were never published.

Although the modern interpretation of his works tends to view him in a Romantic light and style of interpretation, he was often considered more as a traditionalist. Thus, most of his work more closely resembles the structures and styles of the earlier Classical period. It has been a more recent phenomenon to view his works through the lens of the growth FROM a Classical outlook instead of backwards from the Romantic viewpoint that later followed it. #

The Performers

Ray Chen is one of the leading violinists of the YouTube era. He has cultivated an an amazing social media following on Youtube/Facebook and other social media channels which has been a great thing for the outreach of Classical Music.

Fortunately, this social media presence is backed up by solid and impressive technical skill and a formidable and exciting musical performance style. It is rare to see the two parts go hand in hand, Style AND Substance!


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