HF20: The Return!


So, it is less than a day (check out the exact time [here](https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20180925T15&p0=%3A&msg=Steem%20HardFork%2020&font=cursive)) before the re-run of HF20 for the Steem blockchain!

Tomorrow I’ll be travelling a fair bit, so I think that at the exact time of the Hard Fork, I will be in the air. Which reminds me, the last few times I travelled, the [crypto market crashed](https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@bengy/therealreasonbehindyestrdayscryptocrash-y6yn9ar0ic), so consider yourselves all warned in advance!

That said, I see a healthy green colour on my crypto tracking app for STEEM in advance of the Hard Fork, so it appears that someone or someones are confident for the changes that the Fork will bring!

Myself, I’m hoping that this Hard Fork will give communities and Dapps the tools that they need to bring Steem (and by extension and stealth) crypto to a larger and more diverse set of people. It may well be that we will need to diversify away from the primarily blogging based beginnings of Steemit, and it seems like HF20 brings tools that will enable developers to do exactly that!


Best of luck to the developers and the witnesses for your big day tomorrow! We all have high hopes riding on you guys! I know it is a big and complicated job that you have, so you all have my utmost respect for what you do!


Good Luck everyone!


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