Pay It Forward Entry – Week 24

This is my submission for the [Pay it forward Curation contest]( run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Finally arriving back into Europe… at least physically! I don’t think my brain ever left Europe in the last few days… at least with the sleeping schedule! This week, I was looking over a few of the bloggers that I seem to see around on similar Discord servers or projects!


All round good guy!

How can you not like a face with that much make-up? @dollarsandsense (REP 55) a is blogger with a great sense of humour and a new baby daughter! I guess the two have to go together if you want to survive the first years of child rearing…

[This post]( about his Army time is an absolute hoot to read, as is this [fun game!]( The game is a cinch to play, and it is going to be a hilarious point in each week to read through the comments!

Definitely a great blog to check out if you are up for a laugh and a good read!


The Champ!

I can’t believe that @janton (REP 54) is still eligible for being chosen for this contest (being under REP55). If you haven’t heard of the [The Curation and Engagement Leagues]( run by @abh12345 then you just should register and check it out! However, that isn’t the purpose of this contest! @janton (the arch-nemisis of our beloved judge @lynncoyle1) is the long running champion of the engagement portion of the league, which means he is doing some serious interaction (posting, commenting, voting) with the Steem chain!

Check out his latest post, which is an interesting dive (series) into [America’s Wild West past](! Then pick a side, are you a @janton fan or a @lynncoyle1 supporter?


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