Pay It Forward Entry – Week 23

This is my submission for the [Pay it forward Curation contest]( run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Phew… this week’s curation contest finds me in Japan… post typhoon and post earthquake. I had a bit of a [nightmare run with getting here]( and dealing with the [consequences of not disclosing my travels](

Anyway, this means I’m writing from Japan, but on a pretty tight tour schedule, as we lost our free day to travel. I’m in Tokyo, but I need to make it to Osaka for a concert tomorrow evening. So, this will be a bit of a hurried post to write! I’m also writing it ahead of time, as I think I’m going to be doing some serious running for trains with no internet tomorrow! Add in a bit of jet-lag, and I think I’m going to be a little less coherent than normal….



I’m a big fan of comics, I didn’t used to buy them, but now I do. The benefits of being an adult with the ability to spend your own money in whatever way you see fit! Anyway, I’ve also backed some comics on Kickstarter as well. So I was surprised to see [this comic post]( by @kevinroditeli (REP 44) cross my path! The name of the comic is “Glaxial” and it looks pretty decent from the shots that he has put up in this post. From the writing, it is possible to see that they blew way past their Kickstarter goal, and so it is definitely going to be a name that will be on my radar when I’m trawling through Kickstarter for things to back!


Art… no music… no art

Who hasn’t watched/played/read/experienced the “The Walking Dead”? I first came across it in comic book form, when I bought a whole heap of digital comics via [Humble Bundle]( Little did I know that it had become a bit of a TV phenomenon, with my wife introducing it to me via Netflix. Anyway, I’ve read a good deal of the comics, but I’ve not watched so many seasons of the TV show (I guess I should get back to it…), and I’ve played a few of the games (with the TellTale rendition of the universe making it on my [Emotional Gaming Moments list](

Anyway, (Distracted… tired… falling asleep… must stay awake a bit longer…)… @jhosepdelgado (REP 48) has done a great step by step of one of the story heroines, [Michonne]( at [this post](! Phew, I finally got around to posting the actual curation link… sorry about that! It is a pretty involved piece of art there, and the step by step is incredibly detailed!

However, that is not all! He is in a band, which you can also check out at [this post](!


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