The REAL reason behind yestrday’s crypto crash!


Well…. this something that [I’ve written about before](, and I’m afraid I will have to take full responsibility here, as I forgot to give advance notice! So sorry, my bad….I’ll try to remember for next time!

Many people have written about yesterday’s crypto crash, pointing possible contributing factors like incoming news from Goldmann Sachs, Shapeshift or even re-activated Silk Road BTC wallets. Whilst these might be interesting readings on why we are seeing red across the board today, I’m sure that I hold the REAL truth behind the sudden market movement.


Correlation is…


However, as I had written about before, the large downward shifts in crypto are [highly correlated]( with the lengths of my air-bound travels. Every time I board a plane, the price of crypto drops. IF I travel a long distance, it will likely drop a much larger percentage. This has several [correlated events]( now and so the linkage is starting to rise above the dust level of [spurious correlations]( and [co-incidence]((!


Hands of the wheel!


At the moment, I’m still trying to figure out what the actual causation factor is, but seriously, why can’t you guys keep things running on the level or the green whilst I take a day off to [travel around to the other side of the world?]( During the summer, I stayed out of the air for our holidays and stuck to staying at sea level on a little ferry ship, just to let the crypto market get some stable long term growth under the belt. So, you can thank me for that little respite…


Subscribe now to early warning!

So, in keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit of Steemit, I’m going to start up a private subscription notification service. For a small donation to any of the below addresses, I will let you know in advance when I’m going to do an air flight. The larger the donation, the more time I will give in advance, so that you’ll have time to prepare for the eventual fall! For Premium membership, I will let you know ahead of time if the flight is going to be a short domestic trip, a longer within continent inter-country trip or a whale of an intercontinental flight!

Sign up early, and don’t miss out on your chance to rake it in when the next downturn occurs! It’ll give you a great chance to sell at the top and then catch a nice upswing from between 10-20 percentage points down! FOMO FOMO FOMO!

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