Pay It Forward Entry – Week 22

This is my submission for the [Pay it forward Curation contest]( run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc.

Back on the road again… well, more like train tracks and airports! Which means, there is more time for Steemit and writing posts and doing the engagement thing! Hopefully, if hotel internet is not too crappy!

Anyway, I have two bloggers ready to go tonight, so not too much searching. Just the write up and then the posting… which I’m happy about, as it has been a long day of travel and I just want to sleep now!



After featuring @ivan-g a while back, I was surprised to notice that there is a community of origami enthusiasts on Steemit! Lots of really nice origami artwork and how-to videos and all sorts of papery goodness! My oldest daughter is really into origami, so it’s been nice to show her some of this stuff!

Anyway, @gmatthe2 (REP 44) is an origami enthusiast, who appears to also be Australian, so two positives already! But as an added bonus, she (?) seems to be quite active as well, but like many smaller accounts, still struggling to get traction.

This is her last post (which unfortunately is 4 days past, but they are still active, so probably another post will be coming soon!, which is about making a [Reversible Origami Shallow Bowl with Secret Compartment](


@snow.owl is a composer/bassist who is living in Vienna. He is someone that I have come across during my travels with the @classical-radio community account. He posts interesting posts about music, both his own and that of other people.

This particular post, titled [Oración (Prayer)]( caught my eye (ears…), as it was a composition for violin… which I am somewhat familiar with! For someone who doesn’t play violin, it is a great composition (actually, it is a good composition, without qualifier!)… perhaps a bit more modern in musical language than I am normally familiar with, but then this is from a guy who thinks anything after 1800 is pretty modern in the music world!


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