Stacking Wood! A new bow….

Sadly, I’ve not been able to start my precious metals stack (I’ve been looking longingly at the posts from the @ssg-community, but I have bought a batch of raffle tickets for their MONSTER RAFFLE!). Mostly as I’ve been not really at home long enough to do any decent research into where to buy and what to buy. However, soon…

…but I did come across a really nice new viola bow to add to my collection! Hence, the stacking wood comment…

It was a chance encounter, as a bassist in an orchestra that I was playing in, collects and restores instruments and bows. So, in this particular project, he had this bow that he was showing around. I tried it, and it was love at first… touch? It pairs incredibly well with my viola, giving it a much deeper tone and fast and strong attack to the playing. Exactly what I was looking for!

Although, I had to really justify it to myself, as I already had a bow that roughly fit this niche of playing. However, this bow was much better than the old one… and roughly the same price!


The Bow

The bow is an anonymous bow from around 1800 of German origin. I can’t really tell you exactly how you would know that, but a luthier or a bow maker could point out all the characteristics that define and date it. Unfortunately, I’m only a user of these tools and not a curator of them!

The fact that it was anonymous was also a great thing for a musician, as it takes away the investment value of the instrument/bow. Which means I’m not competing against collectors who have just way more money to throw around than a lowly musician!

As a nod to the stackers, the winding is silver thread. However, it isn’t the pure 99.99 percent silver (I think…) that you guys are normally interested in!

Interestingly enough, everything is original except for the ivory button on the end of the bow. That is newer and not from the original construction. Although the old (and new) ivory gives it a nice feel and look, it does make for difficulty in travelling as there are bans on ivory imports and border crossings. So for certain countries, I will have to use my old bow which has carved wood fittings.

I’ve now done several projects with this bow, and just paid it off. So it is well and truly my bow now… and no longer on a semi-permanent loan/trial!

I’m loving it, and it is worth every penny on just it’s playing ability alone! The fact that it is old and from the turn of the 1800 is just the icing on the cake!

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