My Cindicator Predections tank!


Just as an introduction, I use the Cindicator app to make predictions on the crypto and tradition markets. The purpose of this app is for the Cindicator bot to take our collective predictions and to integrate it with their own AI predictions to get a sense for the signals that the markets might take. Every “analyst”, if they retain a postitive rating for either the crypto or traditional sections at the end of the month, gets a small payout in Ethereum (ETH).

For the nearly nine months that I’ve been making predictions, I generally been able to score quite decently, and only once or twice dipping into the non-payout negative scores in either the crypto or the traditional sections (but never both sections negative!). So, in this manner, I’ve managed a steady little Ethereum payout at the end of every month! Sometimes, I’ve even managed to score high enough to gain free access to the higher tiers of the Cindicator bot for some direct price signals!

Well, unfortunately, these last few days have been a bit of a disaster for my Cindicator predictions!


Crypto Predictions


I was betting quite strongly on returns to more positive growth in the last week or so which proved to be a bad lead. Bitcoin (BTC) in the last week or so before the turn of the month seemed to be positive news, but it didn’t seem to translate well for the rest of the market. I was most surprised by the fact that Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) didn’t follow the lead of Bitcoin (BTC).

I wasn’t betting on a huge upward trend, just a small slight increase, but my mistake was to weight the bet quite heavily! So, the last week has seen the crypto market plummet again. When I make my predictions, I’m not looking at reasons just trying to find a quick pattern in the charts, so I can’t say for sure why it did that!

Oh well, these stiff bets have sunk me into unfamiliar negative territory for the first time since around March! Luckily, I still have the rest of the month (around 3 weeks) left of predictions to try and claw myself back into the payout territory!


Traditional Market Predictions


Likewise, my predictions on the Market end of things was a bit of a mixed bag in this first week. I wasn’t expecting the sudden collapse of the USD against both the Euro and Pound, so I lost quite heavily on those predictions each day of the week!

On the stocks and company predicitions I was again a bit blind-sided with less good performing stocks. I find the stock market much more difficult to predict with the different time scale compared to crypto, thus my feeling for how fast and slow things rise and fall is a bit off at times!

On the bright side, I’m still in decent positive territory, and barring another disasterous week of predictions on the traditional market side of the game, I will remain with a good (not stellar) positive result. Which means I will at least take home some Ethereum (ETH) payout from this half of the equation!


Month Prediction Goals


Well, the main goal is to extract myself from the negative points territory on the crypto side. Proabably in the next week, I will make small to medium bets on the recovery, to avoid sinking myself further if the market continues to fall.

On the traditional side, I will continue as normal, but perhaps limit the size of the bets to hold my positive ground. The name of the game is to preserve the positive balance in case the crypto side doesn’t work out.

So for the Cindicator predictions (at least until I get enough of a positive buffer), the idea is to claw back slowly and hold ground. Not very glamourous, but it is neccessary to try and still retain a payout at the end of the month. Not receiving a payout is not exactly a milestone that I want to achieve!

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