Steemit Basic Income Giveaway (Hobbies)

Thanks to everyone who took part in last week’s Idioms SBI Giveaway. It was an interesting array of answers from people around the world and of different languages and countries. There were some really amazing and baffling idioms which would have been confusing to anyone who wasn’t a native of the country!


So, I’m writing this post as my brain is completely fried after a non-sleeping night with the toddler… I’m starting to think that removing the bar from her bed wasn’t the best idea, but I guess it has to be done at some point before they leave home! Today was also a big day of single parenting (my wife is doing an intensive Dutch course at the moment), so we were out all day at a bird park which was really great, but in the heat it was pretty exhausting.

Coming to the point, it means I can’t get my brain firing on all cylinders (or any cylinders) to write a SBI contest about something philosophical or a big question or anything like that! So, this week, I’m going again with a slightly softer question.

It’s an easy one, after a day of work (or standing in the Sun with kiddies…), we all need a way to blow of steam and just do something to relax. Even if we are completely brain dead tired, or especially if we are brain dead tired. So, my question this week is:

### What is your hobby? The thing that you turn to help re-centre yourself, that you love doing, that helps you relax again? And just share a little bit about what it is that makes it so enjoyable for you!

Now, hopefully I don’t get a million and one replies of “writing posts on Steemit”…


My example Response


I’m a gamer through and through. Since I was little, I would enjoy computer games and board games, mostly with a preference for deep strategy and complex mechanics. I would lose myself in worlds that were immersive and that had non-linear and player-generated stories instead of a directed narrative. I would play myself in multiplayer board games (like Axis and Allies or BattleTech), I would get completely smitten with the huge year long game span of PC games like XCom, Crusader Kings 2 or Master of Orion. I would never want the game to finish, as the act of finishing meant that the simulation was over.

As I am now a parent, I now have much much less time to spend on my hobby, but it is lucky for me that the games that I prefer can be pretty much started and stopped at short notice with save games, and so I can play in short bursts… or if I’m on tour, long bursts!

Weirdly enough, it is still a hobby that is seen as a kid’s hobby, and if you are judging by the standards of the console games that are around, then they can be really seen as an idle distraction. However, the depth that can be built into a complex PC game is often incredibly ambitions, being complex simulations that don’t hesitate to throw you difficult situations (like real life), difficult choices and fail states.


1. Upvote if you want, it increases the payout and then I can hopefully sponsor more people. 2. Resteem is NOT neccessary, but the more people see this, the more the people will be likely to be sponsored. 3. In the comments, tell me about your hobby and why it engages you! 4. I have added a small Steem-Bounty to the post, so that everyone who replies with a valid entry will get something back. If I give your post a small upvote, it is valid (also, subscribe to @dustsweeper for maximum benefit!). 5. I will be sponsoring as many people as this post pays out in liquid SBD/STEEM. Also I will kick in at least the required amount to round up to the full number. Winner is by random generator after a shortlisting of quality comments!


Steem Basic Income

One of the first communities that I came in contact with at the beginning of my time at Steemit was @steembasicincome. As a beginning author, Steemit can be a daunting place. It feels like you are posting into an abyss with no ability to grow. Steem Basic Income gives you a guaranteed vote on one post a day, thus giving you a small but cumulative over time support to your account.

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