Parenting life (Ulog #6)

# The life of a Parent

The life of a parent appears to be a full time job of running around from one thing to another, playing the role of a glorified and underpaid taxi driver. Today appeared to be a case in point, as it was a tight race from one thing to another whilst trying to fit my own chores in between.

### The morning

The morning began with a sports day, which as anyone knows is pure chaos at the beginning. This year, we didn’t volunteer to help out, and so it was a bit of a dump and run affair… except that the dumping part took nearly an hour, as the school was turning 70 and there were t-shirts to pick up, which formed a crazy bottleneck of a people at the entrance to the sports field. Followed by a great deal of aimless milling around until someone told us what to do!

Anyway, with that first task of the day completed, it was time to run off and try and get some chores done. First stop was a photo shop to get some passport photos done for a passport renewal. I look pretty tired in the photo, but it is an improvement on my current passport, which looks like a mugshot for “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster.

Other than that it was pretty painless. Grabbing some cash for the builder and then grabbing some Chinese bakery goods for lunch was the next on the agenda, before racing home to get a touch of practice on the violin in preparation for a particularly difficult programme in a month’s time.

### The midday

With the practice done, that was the end of the work day…. So, time to pick up and race back to pick up from the sports day. Seamless timing this time, no traffic jams or anything like that, and so a smooth return home in time for a quick nap. I feel a distinct case of the dreaded man-flu coming on. 20 minutes later, it was time to wake the toddler up, so that we could all go to the dance lesson, which was having a little performance.

… and here we hit the snag of the day… she just wasn’t going to wake up… lots of calling and gentle shaking, and a touch of screaming (from her, not me… although I was screaming on the inside) and we were on the way again…

… to be a bit late for the dance lesson. Which never happens when I’m the only parent in charge, but whenever my wife is involved, we are invariably late!

### The home stretch (aka the afternoon)

Actually, from this point it was completely easy, the crazy running around had been done in the earlier parts of the day and now it was just time to kick back and relax…. after calling my mother, and getting caught up in a discussion about the falling crypto prices and trying to explain again how it all works.

After the Skype call, it was time to head on out and treat ourselves before dinner (and also to pick up some ingredients for dinner). The oldest is crazy about riding everywhere on her new bike, and so we wheeled out the bike gang, including our big bakfiets, to head out to the shops and to collect an ice-cream on the way.

I think I’ll probably tie up the day’s narrative here, as the part where I’m sitting in the toddler’s room typing this up and waiting for the little one to fall asleep is not particularly riveting…

Another day completed!

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